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The ecruitment for the Project entitled. "Rehabilitation of children and young people through participation in hippotherapy classes and rehabilitation", aiming at children with disabilities from the area of Tarnobrzeg has just started.  
Horse Assisted Education workshop - coaching with horses entitled "The Art of Communication".
Esteka Association is going to host 2 volunteers from Turkey - Gulhatun and Burak  to participate in the European Voluntary Service within the Youth Voice EVS project implemented in Poland (Tarnobrzeg) for 6 months beginning from 1.04.2016.
Representatives of the governments of Sandomierz, Gorzyc, Baranow Sandomierski and the District of Tarnobrzeg, as well as local entrepreneurs and representatives of non-governmental organizations met in Zalesie Gorzyckie to discuss the principles of cooperation in the field of the development of tourism, information and publicity, as well as the possibility of carrying out joint investments concerning the queen of Polish rivers - Vistula .
Below You may find a framework program of the XXII-nd National Scouts' Song Festival ŚPIEWOGRANIEC in 2016.
Department of Public Benefit have submitted a list of formally verified projects and those with assessed merits along with information about obtaining grants within the Fund for Civic Initiatives in 2016.
In the gallery we have uploaded a real windfall - a set of badges from National Scouts'Song Festival ŚPIEWOGRANIEC. We invite you to watch them.
We launch a new page of National Scout Song Festival "ŚPIEWOGRANIEC". The webpage begins to function on 4th of February and will be regularly updated with new material. All functionality and additions should be completed by 31 March.  
A list of formal projects assessment of FIO 2016 - Priority 2 was published on the 3-rd of February 2016.
We have started submiting the bands for the XXII edition of Polish Scouts' Song Festival "Sing&play". This time the scouts from all over Poland are invited to take part in it in Tarnobrzeg from 26 - 28 February 2016
Until the end of December, at the display windows of Public Library in Tarnobrzeg, you can watch the after competition Santa Claus Parade exhibition of the best decorated Christmas bubbles made by Tarnobrzeg kindergartens and primary schools.  
The 2 groups of senior citizens from Tarnobrzeg completed an English course. They mastered their English skills with the use of new technologies, interactive board as well as online tasks to be performed on the e-learning Platformin their free time.

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