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ESTEKA Association obtained financing from the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons on the project Warm Fluffy Pony.  
The training was implemented in the framework of  "Spread your wings NGO" project, co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.
    The proposal is addressed to the NGO representatives and public administration employees from the area of the Municipality of Gorzyce. Venue of training: Zalesie Gorzyckie 6, "Pensjonat pod Pieprzówkami" Date: 28.04.2015., Time: 10: oo - 16: oo p.m. Topics: How? To whom?What for should You apply?  
Call for proposals for Act Locally IX Act Locally - grant competition for 6000 PLN – submittion till 17-th of May 2015  
Non-Governmental Organizations Forum was held on April 9th, 2015 in Tarnobrzeg . It was called by the outgoing Tarnobrzeg NGOs Council authorities (TROP). Over twenty representatives of NGO from Tarnobrzeg attended the elections. The report on the two-year term of the outgoing Council was presented. Among 14 nominees to the new Council of TROP, 10 members were selected and Izabela Opioła was appointed the new President of the Council.  
31 March 2015 (Tuesday) - subsequent  training for the representatives of Non-Govermental Organizaions "How to write a project - Case Study Workshop" was held. 15 NGOs representatives from Tarnobrzeg, who are the members of "Spread the Wings in NGO,  attended the workshop.             Spread the Wings in NGO project is coofinanced with the resources of European Union in the framework of European Social Funds.  
The workshop "How to Write a Project - Case Study Workshop"  for the representatives of local Non-Governmental Organizations was held on 30 March 2015. 15 NGOs representatives from Tarnobrzeg, who are the members of "Spread the Wings in NGO,  participated in the workshop.   Spread the Wings in NGO project is coofinanced with the resources of European Union in the framework of European Social Funds.  
HIPOPTHERAPY LAUNCHED !!! We have begun the enrolment process for the "Rehabilitation of children and young people through the participation in hippotherapy classes" project co-financed by the Town of Tarnobrzeg.  
We kindly invite the local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and public administration (JST)representatives, who have joined "Spread Wings in NGO" project to participate in two trainings combined with a workshop of filling the official forms to be submitted in the framewowk of local, national , etc Calls for Proposals. Dates of trainings:  30 i 31 March 2015 r. (Monday and Tuesday),  Time.:  9:oo - 15:oo Venue:  Tarnobrzeg, ul. 11 Listopada 8a,  day-room of ESTEKA. Association Trainer:  Jacek Drożdzal Deadline:  27.03.2015 r. / 15:oo  
5 Esteka's members took part in the "Don't look at me like that" project concerning Autism issues in Sivas,Turkey. It was Partnership Building Activity gathering youth workers from 4 countries(Poland, Croatia, Estonia and Turkey) eager to cooperate and create new Erasmus + projects. The project itself was also designed to to promote cooperation and partnerships within the "Erasmus+ Youth”
Invitation for a free of charge training "Computer Skills ECDL" ( basic computer skills,Word office programs)- 80 hours of training course.
Call concerns the organization of public benefit undertakings in the field of promotion, volunteering,social communities and tourism.
We have started the enrollment for Horseriding Day Camps. Info to be found at subpage: Esteka Sumer 2015. We encourage children to participate in 5-days (Monday-Friday) summer Horseriding day camps.
ESTEKA Association is pleased to invite you to a Press Conference implemented within the framework of “Spread your wings in NGO” project the aim of which is to disseminate the project's results as well as summarize the current project outcomes. The conference will be held on 25-th of February 2015. At the District Authority Office ,4 1go Maja Street, Ist floor – conference room nr19 , at 10: oo A.M., I -st floor – meeting hall “Spread your wings in NGO” project is co-funded by the European Union in the framework of the European Social Fund.
The representatives of NGOs from the area of NEW DĘBA MUNICIPALITY are kindly invited to participate in consultation meeting dealing withthe issue of FINANCES IN THE ORGANIZATION. Date:February 24, 2015 r., Time:4 P.M. Venue: Meeting Hall of UMiG Nowa Dęba Municipality Offices, 3 Rzeszowaka Street , first floor.

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