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February 17, 2015 r , in the afternoon, in the Municipality of Nowa Dęba Meeting Hall an informative and consultation meeting was held with representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations operating in the community of Nowa Dęba .
Senior Club is activated. Another senior citizens meeting was held. This time, 17 February 2015.,Tarnobrzeg Town Council member - Slawomir Partyka and a Member of Parliament - Miroslaw Pluta.were hosted. The discussed topics were related to the problems of  residents of Tarnobrzeg, mainly the elderly in the city.
We have applied for funding a chronicle book "KNIEJASY" by means of funds from the "Patriotism of Tomorrow" Programme implemented by the Polish History Museum..
VACANCY CALL Public Benefit Works Council of Sub-Carpathian Region announces a call for candidates for members and alternate members of Monitoring Committee of Regional Operational Programme of Podkarpackie Voievodship 2014-2020. The eligible candidates will be chosen among the proposed representatives of non-governmental organizations.    
We invite NGOs from the area of Tarnobrzeg District and Town of Tarnobrzeg to participate in a meeting to be held on 11 February H. 16: oo at the headquarters of the District Authorities office in Tarnobrzeg,1 May 4 (first floor). The main topic is the possibility of obtaining grants ranging from 2000 to 5000 PLN within the project "Active Citizens Academy - Subcarpathian Local Initiative" developed within the Civic Initiatives Fund. The grant for the implementation of initiatives in the sphere of public benefit activities can be applied by young NGOs, informal groups and self-help groups from the province of podkarpackie voivodship. The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss your idea with the trainer.
District Authorities of Tarnobrzeg announced open Call for Proposals concerning providing public services in 2015 in the form of support to Non-Governmental Organizations.
All Non Governmental Organizations representatives are kindly invited to take part in a Press Conference organized winthin the „Spread the wings in NGO” project. The event will be held on the 25-th of February 2015 at 10.00 at the District Authority Office ,4 1go Maja Street, Ist floor – conference room nr19
The proposal addressed to NGOs operating in the area of Gorzyce Community.
The representatives of NGOs from the area of NEW DĘBA community are invited to take part in CONSULTATION MEETING DEALING WITH THE SUBJECT OF FINANCE IN THE ORGANIZATION. The deadline; February 17, 2015 r., 4 P.M. Venue: Hall meetings UMiG Nowa Dęba, ul. Rzeszowska 3, first floor  
As a follow up of the successful implementation of ACTIVE SENIOR CITIZEN project realized within the Governmental Programme for Elderly Social Activation we established Esteka Association's SENIOR CITIZEN CLUB. The appointment of the CLUB was held during senior's meeting on January 24 (Saturday), 2015 in Tarnobrzeg, The subject matter of the meeting: 1. Appointment of SENIOR CITIZEN CLUB. 2. A few words about the reasons and aims for setting up of ESTEKA Association. 3. The Association's plans concerning the facilities and activities of Seniors. 4.Minutes of submitted applications for 2015 ASOS Ministry Programme. 5. Supporting ESTEKA member application forms submition. 5 Discussion.  
The representatives of NGOs are welcome to participate in  the Filling Out Application Forms Workshop based on practice - learning by doing method. The workshop is organized within the "Spread the Wings in NGO" Project. Date: 30-th of December Venue: 2 Sikorski Street Project "Spread your Wings in NGO" is cofinanced by EU within the resources of European Social Fund
A Consultation Gathering for Non-Governmental Organizations' representatives will be held on the 19-th of December at 10 A.M.. Venue: 11-th Listopada Street 8 A, Tarnobrzeg Topic: Cooperation Programmes of local NGOs.   The project is cofinanced by EU within the resources of  European Social Fund
A Press Conference for journalists,  radio and television representatives will be held on the 18-th of December at 10 A.M.. Venue:  Sikorski Street 2 A, Tarnobrzeg Topic: The Implementation of the "Spread the Wings in NGO" Project , which aims at the support and development of local NGOs.   The project is cofinanced by EU within the resources of  European Social Fund
We present the video reports recorded by journalists as well as participarts and spectators of the event. Enjoy watching them - the rest of films in our Gallery
It is 11th time we invite you to take part in Santas Parade, which will take place this year on December 6th. We invite everybody for “fun with baubles”!!!       11th SANTA'S PARADE   6th DECEMBER 2014   Decorate polystyrene ball and exchange it for a sweet surprise – December 6th on B. Głowacki square   Sweet surprise for decorated bauble   Polystyrene balls to buy for 1 zl in the office of school and “ESTEKA” Association ( 11. Listopada 8A). For details check or call 513 141 320.  

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