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, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2015-05-01
WARM FLUFFY PONY Project ESTEKA Association acquired financing from the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons to cover the Warm Fluffy Pony project. & (...)
, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2015-04-01
Horse Riding classes for children and youth ESTEKA Association for several years has been implementing a project related to teaching the youngest residents of Tarnobrzeg the horse riding ski (...)
, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2014-08-01
I'M A SENIOR CITIZEN - I'M ACTIVE Date of the beginning: 2014-08-01 The project - I'm a senior citizen - I'm active is targeted at these people from the area of Tarnobrzeg and Tarnobrzeg county, who are over 50 (...)
, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2012-08-01
The Tarnobrzeg – the City with an Artistic Soul project consist of three parts. The first one, called Artistic Workshops, is dedicated to young people from secondary and high schools from Tarnobrzeg – a ci (...)
, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2012-06-01
The project includes organizing activities for children and teenagers in Tarnobrzeg as a part of Summer in the City campaign. As a part of the project, the following activities will take place: (...)
, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2012-05-06
As a part of task accomplishing, 25 meetings with pupils from primary and secondary schools from Tarnobrzeg will be held. Educational materials dedicated to children and parents, will be prepared, concerning information about institutions which help solving problems connected with doing (...)
, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2012-05-01
Project includes organizing summer trip for a group of 135 children and teenagers from primary, secondary and high schools. The leisure will be organized at holiday camp of Opatów Scout Troop Headquarter of Polish Scouting and Guiding Ass (...)
, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2012-04-01
The Rehabilitation of children and teenagers through participation in hippotherapy activities project is dedicated to young citizens of Tarnobrzeg, who are disabled people.   As a part of the project for a group (...)
, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2012-04-01
Project concerns organizing after-school sport activities for children and teenagers from primary and secondary schools from Tarnobrzeg. The activities will be organized at the Association headquarter at Mokrzyszów estate. Schedule will i (...)
, Data rozpoczęcia realizacji: 2011-11-01
The ESTEKA Association joined the project Chance For a Better Tomorrow – development programme of Primary School in Rydzów. The project lasts fro (...)
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